Antti Peippo (1934-1989) was an acknowledged director since the 1960s, as well as one of Finland’s best-known documentarists during the 1970s and the 1980s.

Antti Peippo – Master of the Essay Documentary (4.-5.3.2017, Orion)

The Risto Jarva Association will arrange in cooperation with The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) a two-day “Antti Peippo – Master of the Essay Documentary” seminar. Free entrance.

The seminar will screen eleven documentaries by Peippo, with more than a dozen of the finest authorities in the related topics introducing and analysing them. The seminar will also present Peippo’s work as a cinematographer, its significance during Peippo’s day and now. During the concluding screening, colleagues and friends will reminisce about the master of the essay documentary.

The regular Orion programming also includes Ihmemies (Wonderman, 1979), the only feature film directed by Peippo, and the feature films with Peippo as the cinematographer: Ruusujen aika (Time of Roses, 1969) and Vartioitu kylä 1944 (The Guarded Village 1944, 1978).

Antti Peippo trained as a painter. He moved to the world of cinema through the Helsinki University of Technology Film Circle. Building on the practical training provided by Montaasi, the Technology Students’ Film Club, Peippo set out to work as a film director with Filminor in 1965. As a cinematographer, he worker as the partner of Risto Jarva, considered to be Finland’s number one film director. Peippo launched his career as a documentary director and a scriptwriter in 1972.



Orion (Eerikinkatu 15)

Risto Jarva Association and KAVI – Free entrance


SATURDAY 4.3.  10:00-16:30



Jari Sedergren, DrSocSci, and Martti Turtola, DrSocSci, discuss Peippo’s historical documentaries with the focus on the centenary of Finland’s independence, and especially on Marshall Mannerheim’s career as a spy.

Viapori – Suomenlinna (Viapori – Fortress of Finland, 1972) 23 min.

Seinien silmät (The Walls Have Eyes, 1981) 9 min.

Sivullisena Suomessa (A Stranger in Finland, 1983) 25 min. (with English subtitles)

Ratsastus Aasian halki (On Horseback Across Asia, 1987) 37 min.

Break 30 min.



Filmmakers relate their views on Peippo’s work methods and aims, aided with film samples. The screening is made in cooperation with Finnish Society of Cinematographers (F.S.C.). The discussion will be moderated by cinematographer Tahvo Hirvonen with cinematographers Pekka Aine, Lasse Naukkarinen, Erkki Peltomaa and Juha-Veli Äkräs in the panel.



It is interesting to see that the maker of commercial films and historical documentaries of the 1960s finally made “Sijainen” (Proxy), a film completely contradictory in theme and style. It created a totally new path for Finnish documentaries, one that still partially exists.

Introduction by Markku Koski PhD, panellists include editor Anne Lakanen and director Timo Linnasalo.

Kolme salaisuutta (Three Secrets, 1984) 17 min. (with English subtitles)

Sijainen (Proxy, 1989) 24 min.

Programme ends 16:30


SUNDAY 5.3. 10:00-15:30



Peippo began his career as a visual artist, but to borrow Sergei Eisenstein’s expression, he then “fell into cinema.” It did not, however, mean the transference of the process of visual artistic thinking into cinema as such, and even less an approach determined as “multidisciplinary”, but rather a completely new beginning with cinema.

Introduction by Markku Koski, PhD.

Graniittipoika (Boy of Granite, 1979) 10 min. (with English subtitles)

Menneen ajan kuvat (Pictures of the Past, 1977) 21 min. (with English subtitles)



Discussion on cinema with Professor Hanna Johansson, Professor of Contemporary Art Research, former Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tuula Arkio, and artists Jussi Kivi and Paul Osipow, featured in the documentary.

Nykytaiteen museo (The Museum for Modern Art, 1986) 63 min. (with English subtitles)

Break 30 min.



Memories and anecdotes, films, photographs and drawings. Among the recollectors are author Matti Rinne, director Mauno Kurkvaara, composer Antti Hytti, actor Eija Pokkinen, director-editors Anssi Blomstedt and Juho Gartz. Moderators: journalist-director Päivi Istala and director Timo Linnasalo.

Risto Jarva, työtoverini (Risto Jarva, My Colleague, 1984) 59 min.

Valtakunnan sydän (The Heart of the Nation, 1989) 11 min.

Seminar ends 15:30.

Reminiscing and discussions will continue after the screenings at a location to be announced later.



(Regular Orion programming)


22.3.2017 17:00

Antti Peippo: Ihmemies (Wonderman, 1979)

Introduced by Markku Varjola


29.3.2017 17:00

Timo Linnasalo: Vartioitu kylä 1944 (The Guarded Village 1944, 1978)


5.4.2017 17:00

Risto Jarva: Ruusujen aika (Time of Roses, 1969)

Introduced by Päivi Istala